How To Customize Your Stuffed Animal

stencil.900px-create.pngCreate Your Own Giant Stuffed Animal Masterpiece 


Simply select any big stuffed animal and start customizing and personalizing it RIGHT ON THE PRODUCT PAGE. It's easy to customize and personalize all giant stuffed animals here at


It's EASY to

Create Your Own

Giant Stuffed Animal Masterpiece



Click the Blue Button:




Pick Ribbon Color and Personalize it: 




Add a Heart Pillow: 



Add a T-shirt: 



Add a Hat: 



Add a Zipper Pocket: 



Add a Mustache: 



Add Your Voice: 



Add a Gift Card and Hide all Prices: 





Some Products May Still Display Our Old Personalization Interface, which looks like the photo below:






The photo shown above on the left side depicts our old personalization interface, which is slowly being phased-out, but still does the same thing as our new interface. You can use either interface.


As you can see, there are many options you can choose that will add custom personalization to your big plush animal.


The best part is that you can easily add personalization right from any product page!




What Personalization Do I Get for FREE?


First, here is the FREE Personalization that you get with every Big Plush animal!


1. Add a personalized satin neck ribbon that is imprinted with your personalized message!

You pick the ribbon color AND you tell us to imprint it with up to 8 words!




2. Add a FREE personalized gift card message.

Your message (no limit on how much you can write), is written on paper and enclosed in a clear pouch outside the box, which reads: "A Message For You!"





What Else Can I Personalize on My Big Plush Animal?


And now here are all the optional add-ons you can add for an additional charge:


1. Add a HAT!

What kind of hat?... How about a Birthday Cake Hat? Or an Army Cap? Or a Graduation Cap? Or a Halloween Pumpkin Hat? Or a Nordic Viking Hat?

 Dress-up your big plush animal in a custom HAT that can be easily detached later on!


2. Add a big plush Heart Pillow!

Pick your heart with different embroidered messages, such as "I Love You" and "Te Amo".



3. Add an awesome t-shirt!

Lots of t-shirt styles to choose with lots of different messages, such as "I Love You This Much", "Hugs and Kisses", Someone in the Army Loves You and much more.



4. Add a secret zippered pocket!

What for? How about to enclose a RING? Or a love letter? Or a poem? Or a crazy something that has special meaning ONLY for that someone special?



5. Add your special message by having us custom embroider a heart on your stuffed anmal's butt?

Why the butt? Why Not?!



6. Add your own personal VOICE message!

We record your audio voice message by phone - or you send us your audio file - and we embed your personalized voice message inside your stuffed animal, so that it plays everytime it is squeezed.





Add a custom personalized SONG that is completely recordered just for YOU!

Get a Personalized Song inside your giant teddy bear at!

And even MORE special customizations are coming soon too!

Call us for availability date and details at 1-800-238-9481.



Are There Any Custom Personalizations That Can NOT Be Ordered From Every Product Page?




Like What?

Like adding a custom t-shirt that YOU design,

or adding embroidery with custom name embroidery,

and some other awesome custom stuff.


What Does Some of This Stuff Look Like?

Take a look:

Custom personalize names and messages on the big heart pillow that your stuffed animal will hold!Get your names custom personalized on your big plush teddy bear's t-shirt!



So How Do I Find Those Custom Personalizations so I can see if I want to add them to my order?




You Guys Used to Make Custom Special Order Giant Stuffed Animals in the USA, like 18 Feet Long Stuffed Dogs. Do you still do that?




So How Do I Get a Quote to make Such an Enormous Plush Animal, or for some other custom plush project?


Click the Photo BELOW to request the quote: makes custom stuffed animals in the USA! Get a quote Now.