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Giant Stuffed Animals Should Not be Packed Like a Frozen Diner!

(We DON'T Vacuum Pack)We don't vacuum pack your giant teddy bear. We ship in big boxes for big smiles.


A Big Ape 

in a Tiny Box?


We'll NEVER squash a big stuffed monkey like this in a tiny box. Never!

Don't Worry.

We Won't Shrink Your Giant Teddy Bear.

Get Guaranteed BIG BOX Delivery.

Only at

We promise NOT to shrink  your giant teddy bear. Get Guaranteed Big Box Delivery only at

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: Does NOT and Will NOT Shrink Wrap or Vacuum Seal ANY Big Stuffed Animal That You Order from us.


and HERE is WHY we Have it:

Did You Know That Some Companies Try to Save Money on Shipping by  Shrink Wrapping Their Giant Stuffed Animals Before Shipping Them to You or Your Gift Recipient?

They do this by using high pressure machinery to squeeze out all of the air from the stuffed animal by using industrial strength high-pressure vacuum sealers.

While this enables them to ship your "Giant" teddy bear in a very tiny box, which saves them some shipping expense... but the joke's on you, because it's REALLY at YOUR expense. Who wants to receive a "giant" gift that needs resuscitation on arrival? and is that really what you want your very important gift recipient to be faced with when they open YOUR gift?

What's even worse is that after the poor old "giant" stuffed animal is scraped out of it's oxygen deprived tomb, the damage to the stuffing inside the stuffed animal has already taken place. So now a lot of that stuffing's ability to "spring back" after being hugged is gone. That means a FLATTER, sad looking "giant" stuffed animal that can never live up to it's potential.

So why should you have to go through this ordeal? And more importantly... WHY should you put your gift recipient through this painful "stuffed animal rescue operation"?

See How we Pack Your Big Teddy Bears:


At, you'll never have to worry about your GIANT Stuffed Animal arriving in a VERY SMALL Box.

We guarantee a BIG BOX DELIVERY first time, second time and EVERY Time!

So let's hear it for being humane to all giant stuffed animals.

Big Stuffed Animals deserve  BIG Delivery Boxes.

BIG Delivery Boxes get BIGGER Smiles.

And the Shipping is still FREE...

So it's a no-brainer...  

Get YOUR giant stuffed animal from, and make the big stuffed animal as happy as the person you're giving it too!

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